Calling all cats and kittens, Big Eyes Pre-Sale is Live and set to keep us licking our lips for more.

As an intriguing new front-runner in the Meme Meta space, Big Eyes (BIG) is defying all the odds in a turbulent market and has raised over $11mn in its pre-sale funding. The coin is a new ERC-20 token on Ethereum and is the perfect addition to any owner’s collection.

At the heart of Big Eye’s nature is its branding and values. BIG boasts a theme of anime in its cat design, stamped among its iconic website colour of soft bubblegum pink; think candyfloss meets Pokémon. It doesn’t stop there. Big Eyes pledges that 5% of tokens will be dedicated to marketing purposes so the brand can just get bigger and bigger. Once it hits Stage 3, be ready for: merch, a brand new NFT release, and a Big Eyes Sushi Crew where NFT holders can attend exclusive events and have the chance to win rewards. Users in the Sushi Crew are entitled to 5% profits from sold projects and will not have to pay additional charges on transactions. Feline power rules!

Community values of transparency, goodwill, and decentralisation are clearly driving forces behind the adorable kitten front. Tackling the most topical issues of the day, Big Eyes promises to keep a 5% supply of tokens to ocean-saving charities which has sent a buzz through the community and cuts a new narrative about ESG concerns over crypto-mining. It will be fascinating to see how they execute this and the community expects big things from this pledge. After all, how on earth are the Sushi Crew to survive otherwise?

When launch day comes, 70% of tokens will be available to purchase, of which there are 200 billion. Big Eyes (BIG) has already been audited by Solidarity Finance, so any weariness associated with past newbies is somewhat alleviated. The jury is still out to see how well the cat takes to the cream, but the hype of the pre-sale suggests a promising start.

Quite a lot to sink for a coin that on paper creates appeal on the basis it’s a cat, rather than a dog; Woof Woof!

Get Rich (and Fit) Quick!!

Another young Altcoin trying to break the scene is FightOut (FGHT), a new Web3 platform making a healthier lifestyle easier than ever. The mobile app utilises the metaverse and tracks your workouts and movement, a revolution in the move-to-earn movement. FightOut has catapulted its pre-sale and has been endorsed by athletes such as Savannah Marshall.

Rise of the Planet of the Ape(s)

ApeCoin (APE) is continuing its positive growth period and is currently up 4.83%. ApeCoin is another coin firmly grounded in the web3 decentralisation movement as owners of ApeCoin can shape how its ecosystem is distributed. APE has seen returns of 16%, making it one of the more attractive Altcoins to invest in given its show of strength.

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