Decentraland (MANA) and SushiSwap (SUSHI) are crypto projects developed on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Both coins are among the top 10 best-performing metaverse coins that helped players and investors see a huge return in profit. 

Now that the crypto winter is approaching let’s examine the two coins to determine whether they’re still worthy investments. Or, if you’re better off going for a new presale coin like The Hideaways (HDWY). 

Decentraland Dives Into Another Price Dump

In the previous week, Decentraland (MANA) hit a multi-week high of $0.74. Still, gains over the weekend were erased as bears took control of market activity. On-chain health for MANA, however, painted a dubious picture with signs indicating a bearish future for the metaverse coin. 

As of writing, MANA is currently down almost 12% daily, trading at $0.491556. While the bigger market’s bearish trajectory played a key role in the recent price fall, it also substantially impacted MANA’s recent advances.

The whales are constantly reducing MANA holder’s bags, indicating a bearish future for the coin. If you own MANA, it might be best to discover alternative investments that can boost your ROI. 

SushiSwap Falls To Bear Trap

SUSHI, the native coin of SushiSwap, is trading at $1.14, declining over 14% over the last 24 hours. The coin has been in the red zone for weeks, losing investors’ interest. 

The 24-hour trading volume for SUSHI is $211 million, with a circulating supply of 192 million SUSHI coins. 

SushiSwap’s exchange reserves were growing, according to analyst data, which is a bad indicator since it denotes increased selling pressure. SUSHI’s moving average ratio was also significantly lower, raising the price drop likelihood. 

Moreover, the volume kept rising even as SUSHI’s price fell, supporting the downtrend.

The Hideaways Expected To Be In Top 20 Crypto Market Cap By June 2023

Real estate investors have been searching for low-cost investments with practical utility access. The Hideaways (HDWY) offers real estate assets secured by NFTs for as little as $100. 

Investors in fractionalized NFTs can receive passive income from The Hideaways, higher than 20% APY. The returns from these investments will be larger than those from more traditional ventures since they’re backed by actual real estate.

The Hideaways are introducing next-generation ROIs that outperform traditional real estate investing. With a small initial investment of approximately $100, investors can make money from HDWY NFTs.

Owners of HDWY tokens can use the team’s special privileges, such as regular passive income from hosting events in properties.

Check out the links below to join The Hideaways and obtain your HDWY tokens for just $0.072.





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