Are you looking to add some great cryptos to your portfolio with strong potential upsides? Those cryptos could be GLO, BTC, and ETH. They all have huge potential for various reasons and could be exactly what you need to reshape your financial future. Despite recent market dips, there’s still plenty of money to be made in the crypto space, and some savvy investors believe now is the time to buy certain tokens at discount prices. That’s the opportunity you get with ETH and BTC, the chance to grab tokens at a steal and hopefully ride them to the top. With GLO, you get the chance to invest in a token during pre-sale that has an incredibly high potential to grow. If you’re prepared for the long-term with these tokens, they could be enough to give you the financial freedom you had previously only dreamed of.

Newcomers to cryptocurrencies often struggle to figure out how to buy certain tokens; some are easier than others. So we’ll also give you all the info you need to purchase these tokens to help make things easier.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has the most potential for a new token the space has ever seen. It got some of the strongest deflationary measures ever and is primed for growth. It’s still available in pre-sale, so you can easily buy it from the GLO website. This gives you a key opportunity and the chance to pick up a token before it becomes available on mainstream exchanges. Often, investors will only buy a token in easy-access places, so if you buy it before then, you could enjoy bigger price gains further down the line.

GLO has a strong set of deflationary measures that include a full asset-backed store of value and an ultra burn mechanic that continues to reduce supply over time. All of these make it the best inflation-busting weapon out there, and now could be the perfect time to buy.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin still has strong price potential, especially if it climbs back up to all-time highs, as many experts think it will. BTC will always have a strong place in the crypto world, so there should arguably always be a place for it in your portfolio as one of the strongest stores of value in the space. It’s also very easy to buy and is available on most mainstream exchanges or even with certain other mainstream finance apps.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum could continue to grow in the next few months, especially after it merged to ETH 2.0 and issues like slow speeds and high fees were addressed. It’s another crypto that’s really easy to buy and is available on easy-access marketplaces like Binance and Kraken.


It’s easy to buy GLO, BTC, and ETH. They could all be strong investments for your portfolio now, so check them out as soon as you can.

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