In the last several years, Solana has attracted the attention of cryptocurrency fans, increasing along with the market’s previous Bull Run. A new cryptocurrency with better features and services is called BudBlockz. The two cryptocurrencies are widely used and have a variety of uses. Despite having certain similarities, they also have several distinctions. If you choose to invest in one or even both, you must comprehend this. We shall compare both before deciding between BudBlockz and Solana or the other way around.

What is Solana?

You must learn a few aspects about Solana to discern the value propositions of BudBlockz and Solana. The goal of Solana is to further Ethereum’s ideas. Solana employs a “proof-of-history” mechanism, as opposed to other cryptocurrencies, to identify the blocks in the chain. Timestamps determine the Solana blockchain’s next block.

The SOL token is occasionally used as money and is used to pay transaction fees. The initial benefit of Solana’s scalability may be losing its appeal, though, as Ethereum has just undergone “The Merge,” a significant improvement.

The primary attribute of Solana is speed. Up to 50,000 transactions can be processed in a single second. It charges $0.00025 on average for each transaction. At least theoretically, Solana is considerably superior to Ethereum in terms of speed and price.

Solana’s architecture attempts to remove performance bottlenecks, allowing transaction throughput and greatly enhancing its scalability.

Numerous drawbacks are present as well. People frequently criticize the Solana ecosystem for not being sufficiently decentralized as their first issue. While Ethereum has more than 200,000 validators, Solana has only about 1,000.

The major drawback of becoming a validator is the high price. Being one has a high upkeep cost that might reach $95,000 annually.

After shutting down the network for 17 hours, another issue—and possibly the greatest—is that network uptime and dependability have decreased. The likelihood of this being a significant issue in the future is high, and every outage erodes confidence.

What is BudBlockz?

The startup wants to bridge the gap between legal and medical marijuana users and the cannabis industry. They seek to bring all parties together on a single, safe, and reliable platform so that transactions can be carried out in complete privacy and compliance with the law. In addition, BudBlockz offers customers the opportunity to buy or sell cannabis-based products more transparently, which has been one of the most frustrating issues in the marijuana industry.

BudBlockz will also introduce an easy-to-use and interoperable blockchain platform for cannabis and marijuana goods focused on accessibility and affordability globally. BudBlockz will effortlessly and successfully leverage and enter the marijuana business. Since marijuana is legal for recreational purposes, the market might reach a value of up to $200 billion in the following seven years by utilizing the strength of the blockchain infrastructure.

Another reason you should consider investing in BudBlockz is that it has made its NFT collection available on OpenSea and Rarible. Additionally, BudBlockz’s Ganja Guruz NFTs will support an increase in the overall value of the company’s tokens. Additionally, members of Ganja Guruz can buy shares in various cannabis and marijuana businesses that are available on the BudBlockz platform.


There you have it; we just shared some top justifications for why so many new and seasoned investors are swarming to BudBlockz. There is no doubt that the business is poised to reach new heights soon. BudBlockz is an excellent illustration of a flourishing new NFT, fully upending investor and buyer assumptions. Investors are going crazy because cryptocurrency and NFT platforms have significant real-world use cases and applications.

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