FTX hacker

Oxscope, the first ever First-ever Web3 Knowledge Graph Protocol in a recent tweet claims to obtain the smart money address which might know the activity of FTX-hacker and benefit from it. Notably, Oxscope also claimed a suspicious address uses Binance as an exchange.

Binance might know the KYC details of the suspicious address

The top web3 knowledge graph protocol recently tweeted and unveils the activity of a suspicious money address that transferred USDC to Binance which leads to the consequence that Binance might know the KYC of the address. In addition to this Oxscope also revealed that a suspicious address always borrows more than $10M and dumps in the exchange right before FTX-hacker swaps ETH.

Binance yet to clear its stance on this matter

The world’s biggest exchange Binance hasn’t responded yet on this matter but the recent tweet from Oxscope do raise some serious question. Notably, as an exchange, Binance must have an idea about the KYC of the suspicious address.

As per the recent report, the FTX hacker sent 15,000 ETH to 12 different addresses. The asset has a combined value of about $200 million. The FTX hacker on November 21, transferred 195,000 Ethereum out of his wallet. This might indicate that the hacker will exchange the transferred ETH for Bitcoin (BTC). Meanwhile, this led to a further drop in Ethereum (ETH) price, which already declined by around 7% over the last week.

Worthnotingly, amid the global crypto market continuously bleeding, Investors find it more difficult to believe in the cryptocurrency market. Over the last 30 days, the price of bitcoin has fallen by an astounding 17%. At the time of writing, the price of one bitcoin is currently $15,669 on average. According to the data, over the last day, Bitcoin has lost more than $59 million.

Notably, the tracking company Arkham Crypto Intelligence discovered The hacker’s pattern. It stated that the hacker is active between 08:00 and 10:00 UTC. For each operation, it creates a new account. The liquidity of renBTC is currently limiting the attacker. Because of this, it is unable to bridge large sums of money all at once.

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